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Coprophilia is a practice connected with the theme of feces and sex. Today it acquires, due to its originality, increasing popularity. Shit can be smeared, can be eaten or presented as another torture or, on the contrary, pleasure, shit can be shoved into any of the crotch – the joy of copra is wide enough. Such practices are difficult to explain only by the search for diversity. This, indeed, is not quite so. Far from many words and actions can truly humiliate a person, and it is at this stage that copra becomes more explainable. It is difficult to find a safer and more humiliating way of slavery than copro slavery. It doesn’t require any physical effort, no extra groans, sounds and even superfluous forms of all kinds of resistance – it will turn into a direct insult to the upper one. The humiliation associated with copra is a very subtle psychological aspect for many slaves. After all, this is how they have the opportunity to receive from their Master (Mistress) everything that is possible – the worst and the best in one form. The combination of an astounding smell along with the hair that is difficult to wash afterwards makes the slave especially sincere, especially devoted. And along with this, the slave doesn’t feel any pain. In addition, copra has one more advantage over other methods of humiliation – when dealing with copra, a person doesn’t experience not only pain, BDSM theory but the likelihood of all sorts of bodily incurable wounds can be reduced to zero, and the pleasure from satisfying the upper will not decrease if it does not increase. Copro sex don’t always represent, at the same time, the presence of upper and lower. Often happens and so, that in classical there are sex elements of copro. Surprisingly, the copro said the partners’ full trust, about their merger with each other. Many people consider this sex as unique, saying that copra is the highest degree of spiritual and bodily merging. The truth is in these words. The lowest thing a person can do is, in general, it is the defecation, from the physiological point of view, the most primitive. And at the same time, the highest is mixed here – the merging of two people. A combination of the lowest and the highest in the subconscious perception at a moral level makes copra with something completely unconventional and unusual. Sexual practices related to copra do not compare. Our site is completely dedicated to people with special preferences: scat video is a wonderful collection of the most charming croaking girls that you can imagine. Shameless beauties don’t know the word “prohibition”. They are ready to fulfill all the whims of the most spoiled client. You couldn’t imagine what they were doing with their shit, these shameless scoundrels! For some of them, simply defecating in front of the camera is boring, and they change into costumes of pets, ready to shit anywhere. Truly, “it’s good to be a cat …”. However, and the dog too. You can only regret that the smell of this amazing sex will not penetrate your room.